2 Times Table Song

3 Times Table Song

4 Times Table Song

5 Times Table Song

6 Times Table Song

7 Times Table Song

8 Times Table Song

9 Times Table Song

10 Times Table Song

11 Times Table Song

12 Times Table Song

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Here are some photos of me!

Can you match each of my outfits with the appropriate song title?

  • Name: Percy Parker
  • Age: 84
  • Nickname: The Grooviest Grandad in the Land
  • Likes: Football, Fish & Chips, Talking Backwards, Maths Disco Dancing
  • Family: Wife Penelope, 9 Children (Peter, Peggy, Pablo, Prunella, Paul, Pierre, Polly, Phillis and Ping Pong), 12 cats (all very cool) and a ferret called Perkins

Chantelle (14)

Harriet (13)

Chloe (11)

Shelby (13)

Jessica (12)
Lead Guitar

Pierre-Emanuel (10)

Mikey B (10)
ROCK!!! Guitar

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We have recently been made aware that Sherston Software is no longer supporting the times tables CD-ROM or ongoing licenses. If you're looking for the animations to use in the classroom, we suggest you search for PERCY PARKER ANIMATIONS in YouTube.

The book that accompanied the CD ROM with worksheets, lyrics and sheet music has been uploaded HERE.

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